Polish free sexchat - Error when updating sub report

In my case this was already done and yet the Sub-Reports did not work.

The main reports would work but the moment we clicked on Show More Details that would require the sub-report to be executed, it would throw an error “Details could not be displayed as the sub-report could not be found”.

Ver 9.0.6962 Added the Paginated Text export option with the ability to enter Lines per page and Characters per inch.

When selecting the Print option you can now enter the number of Copies to be printed.

I was recently working on a custom SSRS Report for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM customer and ran into a strange situation that I and another colleague had a very difficult time trying to resolve.

In working with my customer, we created a few custom entities with the following relationship structure: The majority of the report was information from the Case entity; however, we did also have a sub-report that showed data from the Work Order and Work Order Items entities.

When you install CRM with the SQL server being separate from the CRM server, the setup does not automatically prompt you to install Reporting Services Extensions.

You need to manually copy the Srs Data Connector folder found in the CRM install directory to your SQL server. This will prompt you to select the SQL server and the Reporting Server instance and go ahead and install all the reports for you.

(For example /P1 '12/1/03' instead of /P1 12/1/03) Added the ability to enable or disable the Display of Error Messages and Error Level return.

This option can be selected from the Setup, Advanced menu of the Crystal Command - Line Generator interface.

Fixed the HTML export file name extensions problem.

Ver 9.0.66 Changes Fixed the problem where in some cases the range parameters were not working properly.

If you have a registered version you will not need a new Registration Key.


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