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These days he is working on duets with Eugene Robinson (from Oxbow) and Murcof...""Much in the world of music appreciation is irreducibly subjective. Welcome to our time tunnel of music To see my other advertisements easily, just search on your area of interest and add the term JG1 to your search For example, to find more releases by Red Hot Chili's, try searching on RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS JG1 Red Hot Chili Peppers - What Hits!?

PAS curate events in New York such as Experi-MENTAL nights and the yearly Experi-MENTAL Festival.

David Tamura is a Multi-instrumentalist/Improvisor who performs on Tenor/Alto/Soprano saxophones/EWI/Guitar/Various Synths (Virus/Kawai K5000/Bent circuits). Noyes, Von LMO, Ray Gallon, Boots Malleson, Maria Gil, and appears on numerous Experimental Jazz/Metal and Noise Bands.

To catch up on the latest stuff you should then bookmark the Ashtray blog itself. Imagine Phil and Mel soundtracking the adventures of an interstellar Buddha, preaching the eternal truths to bewildered alien races on Chris Foss style space-arks. " - Edition of 100 numbered copies."Barbed is the London based duo Alex Mc Kechnie and Alex Burrow.

Then you should come back here and read the next paragraph. The rest of you don't need to wait - they'll catch up. Or, if you like, it is Ashtray's 'Within You Without You'. They've appeared on numerous compilations (and most recently on the People Like Us Hate People Like Us remix project) and have released a full-length on These Records, but this is the first I have heard from them.

When I did my own calculations the resulting punch card contained two words, strangely hand-scripted in a copper-plate font: Ashtray Navigations.

Should you be unfamiliar with the magisterial pedigree of this act and their triumph-heavy back catalogue then I suggest you make a sandwich and settle down in front of the exhaustive account offered by Bang the Bore. It's all great but 'Outside Air' is my favourite track."Ron Anderson is a multi-instrumentalist intuitive music maker who plays traditional instruments like the electric guitar, but will also use anything that can make a sound - including the recording studio.He has 57 recordings to his credit (with such acts as Molecules - Ruins - Guapo - Steve Buchanan...) and has performed in 16 different countries in North America, Europe and Asia.PETIT uses a computer and synths to build up electronic layers, process acoustic and field recordings.To second the machine he likes to move various glasses, or percussive objects, and take advantage of vinyl material to fondle released sounds.The new PAK album is released on Tzadik as part of their composer series.


  1. And just as I predicted, lopsided gender ratios affect conservative religious communities in much the same way they affect secular ones.

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