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Since then, Isabella was branded as “Cinderella” in dating the wealthy Richard.

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Since living together in Hong Kong attracted attention from the paparazzi, Richard asked Bella to return to Canada .

“After giving birth to twin boys last year, Bella said she wanted to resume her acting career.

An inside source noted, “Bella was very unhappy and felt the rumors were unfair.

She did not want to be called a gold digger and refused to accept Richard’s money.

An inside source stated, “Bella and Richard were truly in love. Richard even renovated his mansion in Hong Kong to accommodate Bella and Ethan moving in with him.

However, Isabella felt bored and often asked Richard to spend more time with her.On March 5, 2013, Juan announced that he will be opening a talent management agency together with Doze Niu and Lee Lieh).Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License; additional terms may apply.He only made a measly amount of NT0,000 per year.It was only after he starred in the 2008 drama Fated to Love You that he managed to achieve breakthrough.As a model, he starred in the music videos of several popular artists, including but not limited to Stefanie Sun, A-Mei and S. Subsequently, Juan took on other dramas such as Green Forest, My Home (2005) and Summer x Summer (2006).


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