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Recently — on the advice of my pundit friend Reihan Salam — I read a book called * by University of Virginia psychologist Tim Wilson.

It's about how our unconscious mind controls, initiates, and shapes many of our behaviors, emotions, and thoughts.

" Another, an avid cyclist, met her husband-to-be on a bike trip in France.

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And if romance does bloom, it may be hard to do your jobs when you're preoccupied with arranging "alone time." But relationships can take root and thrive in this fertile meeting ground.

My copywriter friend, Suzanne, started dating a fellow team member, Joe, at her advertising agency.

At another, I struck up a conversation with the handsome, funny bartender, who happened to be an actor. We smiled, sat down on a bench and started talking. Next he tried Italian cooking, with better results: The class involved preparing dishes with a partner, so Larry picked the entrée course — and a single-woman partner.

We got to enjoy one dinner together before he was called to L. They made eggplant parmigiana and vegetarian lasagna, among other things, then enrolled together for a second cooking course (on soups). These days they're in each other's kitchen almost every night, cooking up a storm.

I happen to love the latter, so for years I bought weekend shares in single-parent beach houses.

As with my "no students" rule, I never dated a fellow house member; when we played charades or had barbecues with people in the community, however, I did meet a few men I wound up dating back in the city.

The advantage of meeting someone on vacation is that the two of you have "preselected" similar interests and comfort levels.

A friend met her future husband by walking up to him at the swimming pool of a resort and asking, "How does anyone water-ski on this thing?

Reading to a very young child in a hospital room may be satisfying, for example, but it's also an activity that tends to isolate the volunteer.


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