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Even more significantly, Leeds Girls' High, which has almost 1,000 pupils, is in the process of merging with Leeds Grammar, a boys' school for more than 450 years.

Here, however, boys and girls will be taught separately between the ages of 11 and 16 but co-educationally before and after, a pattern successfully pioneered by Forest School, Snaresbrook, and a possible model for the future.

The ad will reportedly mimic a scene from his classic 1990 film Total Recall where Hauser, Arnie’s character, lands at a space port disguised as a woman and his suit malfunctions.

So fundamental has been the shift in parents' wishes - as much for their sons as their daughters - that Winchester, which has taught only boys for more than 600 years, is now contemplating admitting girls.

The principal losers have been members of the Girls' Schools Association (GSA), almost all of which have steadfastly refused to admit boys.

More than 30 of the schools have disappeared over the past 10 years, either through closure or merger.

In the past three months, mergers have been announced between St Mary's, Wantage and Heathfield, Ascot "to secure the long-term future of both institutions in an increasingly competitive market", and between Malvern Girls' and St James's, Malvern "to improve the standard of education and facilities on offer".

The latest member of the GSA to succumb to the trend is Bedgebury in Kent, a girls' school for more than 100 years, which is to merge with Bethany, a neighbouring co-educational school.

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According to The Sun Arnie, who has previously appeared in an ad for Compare The Market, is set to get a £1.5million fee to do the voice over.

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Even so, numbers have increased for the ninth time in 10 years - and the decline in boarding seems to have halted - despite the fall in the birth rate and the Government's scrapping of the assisted places scheme, which helped to pay the fees of up to 40,000 children a year."It demonstrates the truly remarkable resilience of our schools," said Jonathan Shephard, the general secretary of the Independent Schools Council.


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