Filipina dating scams

And under no circumstances should pay anything without checking the package and it's contents - especially if you haven't known the sender for long.

Here's an example of a typical african cargo scam which was sent to us by a member of this site:- Hello honey, I have made the deposit of the package to the SECURITY CARGO NETWORK UK just few hours ago, so the package will be sent to you directly Via Security Cargo Network.

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(1) Send to us A COPY OF YOUR PASSPORT / DRIVER'S LICENSE OR ANY OF YOUR I D (VALID TO DATE) for proper identification.

Please it is very important to us, to avoid delivering to the wrong person.

the package will be delivered to you safely in your house.

PLEASE honey, NOTE HERE: The Company will deliver the package to you as a consignment.

(2) You are required to pay $250(SSD) TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS, being the cost of Custom Stamp Duty Fee, as your husband Mr.

Maxwell Anthony has paid for other charges before conveyance.There are lot's of variations of this scam, and they are mostly of African origin.Cargo scams (see below) could be considered as a variation of the lottery scam.And make sure that you have a firewall and anti-virus protection on your computer.Freight / Cargo Scams These are extremely common at the moment.And he will say that he spent 00s on the gifts, and make you feel that you need to pay it.

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