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Software firewalls are widely recommended for single computers.The software is prepackaged on some operating systems or can be purchased for individual computers.Some spyware collects information about you without your consent or produces unwanted pop-up ads on your web browser.

If you receive unsolicited e-mail offers or spam, you can forward the messages to the Federal Trade Commission at [email protected]

For the the latest e-scams and warnings, visit the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Most said to delete the e-mail without clicking on the link.

Some even warned users to hold off on any Google Docs usage for now.

Since the bogus invitation was routed through Google’s real system, nothing was misspelled, the icons looked accurate, and it was hard to know something had gone wrong until it was too late.

Businesses, schools and organizations throughout Minnesota sent legitimate e-mails to their employees, customers and clients to warn them of the scam.

Internet users in Minnesota, across the country and possibly internationally were warned Wednesday about a Google Docs scam that was flourishing thanks to a simple click of a computer mouse or touch pad.

The scam came in the form of an e-mail message with the subject line saying someone — known or unknown — “has shared a document on Google Docs with you.” It invited the user to log onto their Google accounts to join the shared document.

Carelessly downloading e-mail attachments can circumvent even the most vigilant anti-virus software.

Never open an e-mail attachment from someone you don’t know, and be wary of forwarded attachments from people you do know. With the growth of high-speed Internet connections, many opt to leave their computers on and ready for action.

Similar assaults using Google Docs as the lure have popped up several times before, dating back to 2013.

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