Fractionation dating women

Yet despite the complete absence of visual cues, they are able correctly sense the ‘message’ passed on by their invisible partner.While the men floundered on some occasions, the women were usually spot on.If you insert the entire length of your arm in a bucket filled with freezing cold water, you won’t be able to bear the shock. Then you repeat the process only this time your entire fist is inside the water and feeling reasonably comfortable.

First become a man who’s at ease with touching women, the second you meet them.

There are a number of gambits and tricks that pickup artists (PUAs) employ to use Kino (short for Kinesthetic) on women all of which will give you very plausible excuses to touch a women and even get them to touch you back (click the link).

It doesn’t matter how much or where you touch her (what’s important is the intent) for even a feather light touch is enough to release the oxytocin hormones and make her warm up to you.

What really makes the deal all the more sweeter is that more she’s touched, the more she wants to be touched – the reinforcing effect of oxytocin which keeps escalating as the levels of the hormones increase in the body.

There’s a critical difference between in the cognitive structure of the men and women.

Men as you guys must be aware are visual creatures – we are greatly influenced by visual cues.

But if I keep touching her, won’t she start feeling weird.’ Of course she will.

That’s why you will never be touching her constantly.

Fractionation works in the same way and using this process while touching a girl, you will never get into any trouble ever.

You touch a bit and remove your hand, then do it a little bit more and stop.

Can you even start to imagine the potential of the research as far as the game of seduction is concerned? I swear by the name of God, whatever niggling flaws that were there in my techniques completely disappeared.


  1. Feel the magic, be part of the action and enjoy the show!

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