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-Send Simple Maya Commands and control the remote maya. -All controls are through local LAN or across the globe using Internet IP - Just TCP/IP Protocol. eg: C: Documents and Settings Kumaresan My Documentsmaya8.5scripts Like this ...

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Above all This one DOES NOT USE NET SEND Command to chat! (This will automatically invoke the messaging program in remote system and establishes connection with your system) More Infos - ```````````````` .

Features - ````````````` -Send/Receive message from one maya to other maya.

*** Read the full terms available at - User profiles inactive for more than three months may be deleted. This latest release includes some of the features you've been asking for, with more coming in the near future. I have to uninstall and reinstall just to update my location. It's opens my messages before I even open them. I've come from the i Phone so I know what the app looks like and how it functions there. There's no continuous load of people also noticed the keyboard doesn't autocorrect while typing messages. While I appreciate trying to stick to WP design language function should take precedence over looks.

We carefully read all of our app reviews and appreciate hearing from our users. The Panorama template doesn't really work well for this app for instance the map control on the main page swipes within the maps when trying to swipe to another pane.

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You can share text message just like chatting with the help of MAYA. Create objects, Delete objects, Control the Rigs, Open a file in network and make it to render. To Send: "Hello" Type: "Hello" To Send: Hello Type: Hello .

almost all maya commands can be executed from your remote place.

Maya 8.5, Win XP OS Soon I will write more updates for this script...


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