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Hotel Chat This is a combination chat room and role playing game, only you play yourself, or the Netified version of same.

Saunter into a five star hotel in Monaco, then, room-by-room, map out the course of your night.

Visit here to make the Internet realize the ideal of many of its proponents.

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Discuss music, poetry, the meaning of life or the lack thereof in one of three rooms based on your browser.

chat-o-rama A very large index of online chat spaces, browsable and in alphabetical order.

Whittle down from very broad subjects to the exact issue you wish to discuss.

Chat Room in Broken Englsh: CRIBE This furious chat forum is geared for those of us who aren't so picky about spelling everything correctly.

Alamak Chat This is a relatively old and expansive chat system for users worldwide.

Enter at one of six servers, and choose among a few dozen rooms to join the rollicking discussions going on therein.

Chat Planet Large Java-based chat network with a number of rooms in categories like business and finance, religion and sports.

Chatster Stroll Chatster's streets with names like Penny Lane, Hollywood Blvd. The only theme is the development of virtual relationships. This chat site's main virtue, and it is a notable one, is its ability to stay highly populated throughout the day.

It is a huge community of chat rooms organized like a large town or city.


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