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God saved her by giving her a beard and the Sicilian king refused to marry a bearded wife. In Spain she is called Librada because she helps women who want to be ‘liberated’ from difficult husbands. But after Conchita – another bearded lady – won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014 for Austria, depictions of the saint gained short-lived cult status.This North African lesbian couple are the patron saints of same-sex relationships.The story was so popular in North Africa that St Augustine ordered people not to treat it like it was part of the Bible. But after his wife died, he became bishop of Nola in Italy from 395AD to 431AD.

And, dressed as a male soldier, she achieved a momentous victory over the English at the city of Orléans in 1429. Was she a trans warrior or did she only cross-dress in male armor through necessity?

Thanks to her, the prince was crowned King Charles VII. They decided she was a heretic and a witch and burnt her at the stake. Either way, she would be part of our gay, trans and gender-fluid family today. This near-naked, young, muscled man – tied to a post and pierced with arrows – is one of the most famous images in fine art.

Many of the stories about them are little more than legends.

But if you start looking, there are lots of LGBTI saints and martyrs.

It’s a mix of his rumored sexuality, his ‘coming out’ story and his iconic homoerotic image penetrated with arrows.

And homosexuality was once considered an illness while St Sebastian was known to save plague victims.

Likewise, the same people who claim she was a virgin admit she liked to share her bed with other young women. He was the commander of a company of archers in the imperial Roman bodyguard.

And he was known to be ‘close’ to his male superiors. To rescue two other Christian soldiers, he ‘outed’ himself as Christian too.

What better way to prove them wrong than with a list of LGBTI saints? They’ve deliberately erased many gay saints from official lists.

And we have to admit it is difficult to find hard historical evidence about most saints.

And he added: St Francis is one of the best-loved religious figures in history, famous for hugging lepers and showing compassion to animals.


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  2. In the Series 7 episode 'Asylum of the Daleks', Clara Oswin mentions to Rory, 'First boy I ever fancied was called Rory...actually, she was called Nina."After Amy and her best friend Karma pretend to be in a lesbian relationship Amy realises she does in fact love Karma and begins to question her sexuality.

  3. The 24-year-old “I wrote “Lights Down Low” when Emily and I first started dating,” his caption began.

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  5. De acuerdo con Sandra Ibujés, docente de la Unidad Educativa Víctor Manuel Guzmán (ambiente dos) y dirigente del barrio La Campiña, tras un diagnóstico profesional social, se constató que una gran población de infantes durante todos los días se quedan solos en las viviendas, porque la mayoría de sus progenitores salen a trabajar, y para que puedan estar tranquilos y no sean tentados por la problemática de las drogas, alcoholismo, han previsto proyectar una instrucción alternativa con tutores que les orienten en talleres lúdicos recreativos.

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