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People love high quality video, especially when it’s something they’re curious about.

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Video quality of motion detection clips is much, much clearer than the streaming option although it is still a puny resolution of 480 x 386 px, H.264 @29.13 fps.

Video is as clear as you would expect an i Phone 6 camera to produce.

Presence Free smart home motion detector webcam for security, surveillance, and energy People Power Company. Presence is an App and a service that turns your old i OS or Android device into a security camera with all the features you’d expect, such as motion detection, two way way video calling and even the ability to turn plugs or lights on or off with the right accessory. Download the app to your devices, run it, and choose whether your device is a viewer or sender / camera.

Price: Free / £1.49 7 days / £3.99 1 month / £39.99 1 year pro subscription (UK pricing) Have you got a spare i OS or Android device kicking around that’s just gathering dust? If you only have one device to use streams can be viewed online via a browser.

Image quality is just above being useless; being out of focus unless you are only a foot away from the camera (despite the FAQ mentioning focusing by tapping on the screen) [1] I had to find out all of this information myself by recording a video, downloading the video, and then inspecting it with VLC.

I did take a good look at the website and I could find no technical details like this at all.

There are two main features for Presence: live streaming and motion detection mode.

Disappointingly and perhaps due to a limitation of the free version in landscape mode, video is cropped to a 4.3 aspect ratio.

It’s a shame the quality of the video is so poor because there are some nice features here.


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