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She wouldn’t explain how Yadav created the band of thieves while his accomplices faced prosecution.The three main conspirators were sentenced in federal court Jan.He had shopping lists with items already lined up to buy.”Yadav and his accomplices stole some cash outright, by making ATM withdrawals with cloned cards, but buying merchandise for resale was a way of laundering the ill-gotten profits, according to Russell.

He looked for potential accomplices in the scheme — which netted millions of dollars — in online chat rooms for people who were into sadomasochistic sex.

Anyone who wanted to join Yadav’s ring had to prove himself by having group sex with Yadav — sometimes with other men, women or both — all while Yadav videotaped the scene.

“But if you can follow the trail back far enough, you find out it was dirty.”The scheme worked well for a while.

His Sagewood neighbors told the Athens Banner-Herald they always saw new, expensive cars in Yadav’s driveway, including a Hummer, a Mercedes Benz and a BMW. Secret Service with an investigation that began in early 2007, after victims began to report they were charged for purchases they never made, and in states they didn’t visit — from Pennsylvania to California.

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Authorities said Yadav then used the stolen information to encode blank cards and gift cards that he and his accomplices used to purchase merchandise and make cash withdrawals.

The accomplices who were sentenced in federal court this month — Dashun Mc Quiller and Shaun Grittner, both of Jacksonville, N.

4, effectively closing the case.“This took one of the most bizarre turns in any case I’ve ever come across,” Russell said.“Anyone who wanted in with (Yadav) would have to have three-way sex, either with other men or women, but Vikas had to be involved and he would record it all and save the recordings so he could watch it on his big flatscreen TV,” the detective said.

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