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Win10, after a few years' struggling, this piece of .......

thing looks decent to me, from a developer's angle of course (I heard some noise about the UI changes BTW).

Free rated x web cam-13

Myself for example, I brought 3 lumia 800 phones (the price of 800 is almost the same as i Phone back then) at the beginning, when lumia 930 launch, I hesitated and eventually I went with lumia 720 and half year ago I switched to i Phone.

I wouldn't call myself a loyal user of MSFT but I start using MSFT's phone since Windows Mobile 5.

And once again, I would like to emphasize that this is for advanced users, i.e.

the people who are very familiar with the camera she/he own.

More precisely, you need to know the streaming URL of your IP camera in advanced.

MJPEG or MJPG stands for Motion JPEG, it's a series of JPEG (frame) transferring within one HTTP connection (between your device and your camera).

By taking advantage of that, the new IP CAM Controller is finally able to support H.264 which is a streaming protocol support by most newly made IP cameras.

In the app, you will see a "HD" button in the control panel if your camera has support for H.264.

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However, using these camera type requires the user (i.e.


  1. Oh, but if you’re in Singapore, you’re SOL, the site is banned after massive public outcry.

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