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We bypassed Motel 6, Travelodge and Howard Johnson's.

After all, their postcards were usually just the same design with a different address.

Her once peeling paintwork is a thing of the past after several days spent sanding her down and completely repainting her, whilst making sure we kept all her original signage.

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This week, to start Season 3 of HOME: Stories From L.

A., it’s the story of one young entrepreneur and her unstoppable enthusiasm for her big idea.

Over the summer months, we have lovingly restored her exterior to its former glory.

We sourced some original rotor blades and replaced her tail rotors with some we discovered on Ebay, as we wanted her to still look like a helicopter from the outside.

This is where once-rusted copper pennies turn into shimmering bronze coins. It's also where Holsen gives the money a quick quality inspection... Review Skeptic claims to detect bullshit hotel reviews based upon research from Cornell University into the language of fakery.

Once he's satisfied, he feeds the polished money into a counter, which shoots the change into paper rolls to be distributed to the hotel's cash registers. It's been around for years, as this 2011 article in the New York Times attests.

Hotelier Dan London initiated the process to prevent grimy coins from dirtying the fancy white gloves worn by women visiting the establishment.

These days, the responsibility belongs to one Rob Holsen.

After three hours of swishing the coins around, Holsen uses a metal ice scoop to pour the loot into a perforated roast pan that sifts out the bird shot.

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