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Circulation of this list really took off during the height of the Cold War in 1954 (the same year that a military defeat by Viet Minh Communists forced the French out of Indochina, and Senator Joseph Mc Carthy charged that communists had infiltrated the CIA and the atomic weapons industry) after Florida state attorney Brautigam endorsed the document as genuine.

(For many years afterward, printed versions of the list included his statement of its authenticity and reproduced his signature at the bottom.) Even though the Soviet Union has long since ceased to be, and the number of Communist countries remaining in the world can be counted on the fingers of one hand, the “Communist Rules for Revolution” are still anachronistically cited as evidence that America is experiencing moral and political decay fostered by outside forces.

Dieses hatte im Frühjahr 2017 drei Portfolios mit einem Gesamtvolumen von 1,53 Mrd. Die Ankäufe umfassten 233 Gewerbeobjekte in Deutschland, den Niederlanden und Dänemark mit zusammen 2,9 Mio. Teil dieser Transaktion war auch der Gewerbepark „Düsseldorf-Hellerhof“.

Aside from the fact that the Examiner-Enterprise is a real newspaper, none of this rings true.

I don’t see how any thinking person can truthfully say that the Communists do not have any part in the chaos that is upsetting our nation. As reproduced in the example above, one purportedly genuine document of such ilk is a list of “Communist Rules for Revolution” which is typically claimed to have been discovered “in May 1919 at Dusseldorf, Germany, by allied forces” and “first printed in the United States” in the Bartlesville, Oklahoma Examiner-Enterprise.

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Diese verteilt sich zu rund 2.200 qm auf Büro- und etwa auf 7.800 qm auf Lager- sowie Logistik-flächen.

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