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As Madison puts it, “Many people assume was my blessing, but most don’t know it was also my curse.”These examples from Madison’s book are just a few of the similarities her story shares with countless other women who have been involved in the sex industry—unjust distribution of income, tight leashes, deceit and manipulation, and unwanted sexual relations, among others.

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What’s clear from the stories surfacing is that this is an industry with a lot of manipulation and very little regulation.?

That once the show was renewed, they pretty much forced her to sign a contract that she couldn’t leave her relationship with Hefner?

That she was deceived by Playboy residents into believing that Hefner’s girlfriends were just arm candy for the old man before being pushed into unwanted sexual relations when she was incoherently drunk? Once she was sucked into the “Playboy vortex,” as she calls it, her movements were constantly monitored.

She was subject to a strict curfew, had limited access to the outside world, and was literally followed by Hefner’s men when she had a rare night on her own.

“Being a porn star was very expensive,” Tressa echoes in , “More people visit porn sites each month than Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter combined. The top three are worth an estimated $50 million.” The porn industry overall makes more than $13 billion in profit every year.

More and more of what people watch is ‘pro-am’ porn—videos featuring paid amateurs. For context, that’s more than Hollywood, which makes around billion. In the case of Madison and the other girls at the Playboy mansion, the ringleader was the famous Hugh Hefner. She says in that she’s “so used to being always on the lookout for scammers or people who are going to try to pimp [her] out or traffic [her].” Comments like this are a testament to just how at-large pimping and trafficking are in the sex industry.

As Madison found out, “Being attached to can make people not want to have anything to do with you, even in quirky, crazy Hollywood.

There were many times the hateful backlash made me wish I stayed the broke, awkward, 21-year-old waitress I’d been before Hef came into my life.”.

In Unfortunately for many women, despite their entering the industry out of financial need, they don’t make as much as they imagined.


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