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Maybe you live in a region where NHL games are rarely shown on television.

Whatever the case may be, the ability to watch NHL hockey online comes in handy sometimes.

The service is only available to users in the United States who are subscribers to Comcast's Internet services. Service: Cost: Free Features: Users on can share video online.

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Maybe you're one of those unlucky people (like myself) who do not get Versus or TSN2 so you can't see all the games even with an NHL Center Ice package.

Or maybe your favourite team plays out of your market and you can't watch any of their games.

NHL Game Center is not is not available in Europe or the Middle East. Service: ESPN360 Europe Cost: €6.99/day, €14.99/month or €79.99 for the whole season Features: ESPN360 Europe is the official European service for watching NHL games online.

Over 1000 games are streamed live every season and all NHL games are available in the archives within 24 hours of the game airing live. Features: Certain NHL games are streamed live by Yahoo!

Please note that some methods discussed below may not be legal in your area.


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