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Bregman of "The Young and the Restless" and actor Todd Curtis.

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8.43 [1505] Hour Magazine 04Nov1987 [rerun 06Apr88] Interview with model-actress Susan Blakely.

8.44 [1506] Hour Magazine 05Nov1987 [rerun 07Apr88] Interviews with model Beverly Johnson and actor Joel Brooks of "My Sister Sam".

8.36 [1498] Hour Magazine 26Oct1987 Interview with actor James Brolin.

8.37 [1499] Hour Magazine 27Oct1987 Interviews with actress Betty White.

8.22 [1484] Hour Magazine 06Oct1987 Interviews with actresses Phylicia Rashad and Jane Fonda.

8.21 [1483] Hour Magazine 05Oct1987 Special program devoted to the AIDS epidemic.

Joe Benitez is an American comic book artist who has worked on such titles as JLA, Superman/Batman, Detective Comics, Supergirl, and Titans for DC Comics and The Darkness for Image Comics.

He also co-created and penciled the sci-fi series Weapon Zero and the dark fantasy mini-series Magdalena: Blood Divine for Image.

8.09 [1471] Hour Magazine 17Sep1987 [rerun 24Dec87] Interview with singer Shaun Cassidy Down's syndrome.

8.10 [1472] Hour Magazine 18Sep1987 [rerun 25Dec87] Interviews with comedian-actor Dom De Luise.

Joe is currently working on a new creator-owned series, Lady Mechanika, published by Aspen Comics.

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