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She briefly dates the dean's son and then dates James Garrett.

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Although her playing bodyguard gets on Dustin's nerves from time to time, he loves Zoey too much to hold that against her.

By Season 3, not only is Dustin friends with all of the main characters, but he also spends much time with kids closer to his own age.

Zoey runs for class president but drops out due to her friendship with Chase.

Zoey has two enemies, Rebecca and Stacy, but mostly she is friends with everyone at PCA and has two boyfriends during the series.

Chase Matthews (Sean Flynn) is the main male character in Zoey 101, and the first person that Zoey meets at PCA.

In several episodes, people make fun of Chase's bushy hair.

Chase's crush on Zoey strengthens between Seasons 2 and 3, and at the same time, there are hints that Zoey has a small crush on Chase, too.

However, Chase decides to hold back his feelings for her, when he gets the idea he and Zoey are just meant to be friends (though it was never mentioned that he was officially over her). ," Zoey is offered a chance to go to London with her parents and attend Covington Preparatory School, but she wants to ask Chase about it.

He is frequently seen playing or carrying a guitar and is also shown to play the cello.


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