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Entrepreneurs don’t really care about this audience. You have to be in bed with the user, if that is the right word.

I hope the readers don’t take it the wrong way,” he said with a laugh.

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And so Share Chat, the app that has been downloaded more than eight million times so far and where one piece of content is generated every second, was launched in October 2015.

ALSO READ : Share Chat’s Farid Ahsan says our goal is to build We Chat of India While the number of users and the amount of content that is created is very small compared to platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which attract hundreds of millions of active users a day, Share Chat—which has removed the option of posting in English on its app—is one of the few local language social apps to have gained this much momentum.

We just put the conference room here so that we have two separate areas.

This frugality is inbuilt because when you survive on Rs3,000 and you have just one vada pav a day and you can’t take a bath, then the value of money increases fourfold, even fivefold,” said Ahsan.

Mooshak, a social networking app in Hindi, for instance, has registered only between 50,000 and 100,000 instals, according to data on the Google Play store.

To be sure, downloads from the play store are only partially indicative of the number of times an app has been downloaded, given that it is available on other sources as well.

To put that in context, today, Facebook has about 160 million users in India and it’s the largest internet service in India.

And Share Chat is a company made in India for Indian users.”Ahsan attributes whatever success Share Chat has had to a sharp understanding of its target market.“A lot of people tried before us as well, but they couldn’t catch the trends.

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