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Footage seen by Mail Online, set to be aired next week, shows the philanthropist's worries towards the danger of disease-carrying mosquitos.

An outbreak could mimic the damage of the Ebola epidemic in late 2014 or the burden of that of the deadly SARS outbreak in 2003, experts worry.

Climate change warming the planet is allowing for mosquitos to spread from their usual habitats, posing a risk to many in the northern hemisphere.

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A deadly mosquito-borne pandemic poses a greater threat to humankind than global war, billionaire Bill Gates warns.

In a hard-hitting new documentary, the world's richest man said a killer bug could wipe out 10 million people without warning.

The most dangerous are highly contagious but have delayed symptom onset, meaning that infected people unwittingly spread the disease to many others before realizing they are sick.

Shape-shifting diseases that mutate fast are almost impossible to vaccinate against.

Each has the ability to 'spread like wildfire' - something that was unthinkable 20 years ago, said Dr Bart Knols, who has devoted his career to the study of mosquitoes.

Disease-carrying mosquitos kill more than 750,000 people a year, many of whom being children, global figures have shown.Creationist geologists are not yet agreed over whether the geological column represents an exact sequence of Flood events or not.Local stratigraphic sections seem to line up with the general order of the geological column at hundreds of locations around the world. For example, 1) the geological column is a vertical or stratigraphic representation abstracted from rock units that are mainly found laterally adjacent to each other in the field, 2) new fossil discoveries continue to expand fossil stratigraphic ranges, 3) different names are given to the same or a similar organism when found in “different-aged” strata, 4) taxonomic manipulation, 5) anomalous fossils, and 6) out-of-order fossils.These problems mean that geologists should be cautious about how they relate the geological column to the Flood.The question of how the geological column fits into Flood geology and the order of events before, during, and after the Flood is quite controversial within creationism.In today's hyper-mobile, city-dominated world, a deadly disease combining these three features could spell doom for the human race.


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