Goldwing navigation map updating

No major model or name changes, the ever popular Candy Red (different shade to the GL1500, the new colour was called Durango Red) made a welcome return this year.

Stream Silver, Black, Pearl Hot Rod Yellow and Illusion Blue were retained.

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Another orange colour was introduced, this time a darker Jupiter Orange.

The early CD player problems appeared to have been fixed and the Bridgestone tyres that cupped and wore out at worryingly low mileages have been replaced by Dunlops.

They were now selling at up to 10% more than when they were still in production and of course this is because the GL1800 was much more expensive to buy.

2003 arrived and the GL1800 continued to be improved on.

Honda had managed once again to completely redesign the Goldwing from the ground up.

Everyone and his dog knew that Honda couldn't simply continue to make their flagship tourer heavier as the engine size got bigger.

A recall during the previous year saw the pulse rotor being replaced on many models and the kill switch on lots of models had to be fixed too, so Honda seem to be on top of things.

Anyone who didn't like the GL1800 could still buy GL1500's new (year 2000 models) from many dealers, there were lots of them still in crates.

The full Hondaline range of accessories was available and the aftermarket to their credit had managed to add many more bits and pieces to their product ranges.

The high price of the Hondaline stuff no doubt gave lots of scope for the competition.

Thank you to Steve Saunders The GL1800 was finally announced for the 2001 model year, and in fact it was correct to say it arrived in time for the new Millenium.


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