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[Read: A foolproof guide to making out with a girl on your very first date] #7 Hygiene.

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[Read: How to look around and pick interesting things to talk about on a date] 16 first date tips for guys to charm a girl effortlessly Dates are a game of chance. But if you want to make sure your first date is perfect, here are 16 important first date tips for guys that can make all the difference between a dreamy first date and a lost cause. And if it’s an evening date, nothing beats warm lights like candles to create a perfect setting.

[Read: 15 tips to keep in mind to plan the perfect first date and impress her] #2 Don’t be late.

You don’t need to wait for several dates until both of you are dating exclusively to make the girl feel like a princess.

Take care of her and make her feel like she can depend on you for anything when you’re around.

Don’t leave your date in the dark while planning your evening with her.

Tell her about what you have in mind, so she can be prepared for the occasion.

A perfect way to plan a good date is to make the evening feel more eventful by going to more than just one place.

To know more about this idea, read Top 50 first date ideas and combinations to wow the girl on your first date! An important first date tip that most guys forget is this one.

Bad breath is a complete no-no, and can ruin your date before you even realize it.

Pop in a breath mint or a gum before you walk into the date. Many guys assume that bragging about their job or their refined taste in cars or scotch would impress a girl in no time.

Each time you go close to her to say something, she’d get a hint of your manly fragrance.


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