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How did your equation with the police change at this point?

Baby At the bar, they became a bit of a joke; all the men did, and policemen were often customers too.

There are the cassette bars, where the customers watch you dance and choose who they want to make an ‘entry’ with.

It’s up to the girl to decide if she wants to go with him or not.

Police Officer It was slightly jarring, but I was from Nasik, which had a , and I knew that Mumbai was going to be different. But when I was 22, my husband died and left me with two children, one seven months old and the other four. But then the old woman took me to another pimp in Malad.

In Kolkata, I met a woman who used to live opposite my mother’s house, a disreputable woman, but someone we had always cared for. That woman was awful — she would beat me, she wouldn’t feed me or the children.

The dark world of the financial capital of India's underbelly has a sordid tale to tell – that of the sex workers of Falkland Road, Mumbai (then Bombay).

Photographer Mary Ellen Mark, after living for three months with these prostitutes way back in in 1981, has produced some haunting images which are now available in the form of a book called “The Cage Girls Of Bombay”. As girls age, they slowly don the mantle of the madam and tutor young girls for the trade.

A transgender sex worker with a customer, while another sex worker tends to her child.

These children, mostly born out of wedlock are raised in the brothel and mostly take to the trade when they grow up.

At the same time, I do feel that women should not drink or smoke openly.


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