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A couple of months ago, he started liking all of my Instagram photos and eventually asked me out. " His response, "Well, I was just looking at your pictures and remembering how cute you are." Thanks for the honesty but not good enough. With guys like this, just keep in mind that if they slow-faded you once, they'll absolutely do it again.

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The slow fade is a lot like ghosting and often has very similar causes to the catch and release. Rather than saying, "Hey, this is moving faster than I'm comfortable with. There are halfhearted attempts at conversation via text or Facebook for a little while, but eventually even that stops.

Imagine you've been dating someone and it's been going well. The slow fade can also result from someone just realizing they're not that into you.

Now, they've started to reach out via text or Facebook messenger to start seemingly innocuous conversations—"What's up? This person is still in a relationship—and either it hasn't been going well, or they're getting bored.

But because they need a significant other at all times, they'll keep you on the hook until their current relationship goes south—to cushion the blow of that breakup.

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So, you met somebody who seemed really into you and you started off a bit ambivalent.

You hung out a few times, and their charm and attentiveness won you over. The catch-and-release method, like cultivating lay-bys, is a tactic used by people who need constant affirmation and validation.

It usually stems from having an absent or unaffectionate parent.

So, until these folks work through their issues, they'll play out the issues of their parent/child relationship over and over. They just become less available, then you stop seeing them altogether.

Now, there's always a chance this person actually did get really busy with work or has been slammed with best man/bridesmaid responsibilities, but when it comes down to it, we make time for the things we value.


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