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Protected Sub Ux Gvdata_Row Data Bound(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Thanks in advance Martin I solved the Row Data Bound causing the null because it was firing for the header of the grid but now i have a similar problem for the Row Updating event.Hi All, i have been trying to use those events for hours and could not succeed in some stuations.

gridview rowupdating dataitem null-77

Let me just start off by saying that I am familar with the normal Data Item = null during a postback when the grid is not being bound. I am actually in the Data Bound event of the grid (meaning it was just bound) but the Data Item property is null. Here is a code snippet: The first time your Grid View is databound... but from there, you're Grid View is rebuilding itself from the View State... Assign the columns that you want your Grid View to "remember" by doing this: Then you can do grd Effects. Now I need to "refresh" the gridview without refreshing the page otherwise the content will bounce back to what it was originally, is there a way to update my gridview when I click select but only the gridview? When I use the same code against a Grid View that has its Data Source as an Object Data Source (the ODS returns a Data Table) the code fails because the Grid View. Is this expected behaviour for a Grid View that is attached to an Object Data Source or is there another way to access the original Data Source of a Grid View in the Row Created event? Gridview control embedded in another gridview control I am writing an ambulance crew scheduling application on the web and I need some help completing the last part.

(it's actually 2 different databases) Now my problem is, when I click select on my top datagrid the bottom one doesn't update (by default, it selects the current year). Grid View Row Created event when using Object Data Source... However, in all of these cases the Data Source I used for each Grid View had always been a Data Table.

I wanted to handle the event Row Data Bound where i could access the data bound to the row and set a field to a custom value. Anyone know why or how to fix this or an alternative method for accessing the data other than selecting it from the database again?

Data Item object is set to null so I cannot access the record.

I have a Grid View and I set the Data Source to an array of custom objects and call Data Bind() in the Page_Load (every time postback or not).

In the Row Deleting event I want to access the Data Item of the deleted row so I can call the Delete method on the custom object.

If you want to read about my take on the Data Item being null in Insert mode on the Details View and Form View, you may read the following blog post : a side note, i find your design quite flawed, in that you need access to the Data Item in order to perform a delete.

You may want to redesign and take a new approach, perhaps one that didn't involve your delete method being tightly coupled wiht your Data Item ?

Again i am trying to access the dataitem of the row that is updating. Hi,martinmcnally : "Use the Data Item property to access the properties of the underlying data object to which the Grid View Row object is bound.


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