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A Groupon spokesman said: 'Owing to a technical error, we apologise that the picture and wording used in this promotion may have indicated that a train ride was available at York Winter Wonderland when this wasn't the case.

We regret any disappointment this may have caused.'Although advanced booking is not essential, preferred time slots cannot be guaranteed without prior booking and are subject to availability.

Men feel sex is appropriate at any point from date five onwards, but women would rather wait until date nine on average.

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While the younger a person is, the more likely they are to smooch at the end of a first date, according to results.

And sorry guys, but it's up to you to make the move still- just 3 percent of women think they should be the ones to initiate the first kiss.

He continued: ‘Groupon has co-operated fully with our investigation and is making changes to its business practices to address our concerns.

We will be monitoring the situation closely to ensure that consumers benefit from these improvements.’‘To the Groupon customers that experienced the negative side effects of our growth: we’re sorry.

What the deal is: One round of glow-in-the-dark mini golf is not enough. No, in fact, you really should try either five or 10 rounds of this at Adventurers Mini Golf in Whitman. What the deal is: For 40 bucks, you and bae can take a one-hour wheel throwing class at Yay Clay! What the deal is: Big things are poppin’ at the TLA next Wednesday. The event takes place in Southwest Philly and goes for two weekends in May: the 13th to 14th and the 20th to 21st. It’s apparently a reference to brothers Jordan and Bret Raybould — THEY DO COMEDY IN NEW YORK, OK — are apparently bringing along other comedians who’ve appeared on Netflix, MTV and Comedy Central.

And it’s at The Victoria Freehouse in Old City, no less. For some reason you have to select “male” or “female,” even though they’re the same price. What the deal is: Would you like to run about three miles and then bounce around for awhile to EDM music? It’s described as such: “Hypnosis attempts to tap into the subconscious, where childhood memories live and unreleased burps go to die.

And it's not just in the bedroom that things are happening slower than you might think- those going on a first date soon shouldn't get their hopes up for a first date kiss as results showed the average couple now doesn't kiss until the second date.

Even if it's gone well, just one in six (17 per cent) will 'always' kiss on the first date.

The survey, conducted by Groupon, found that Americans believe the most successful relationships include three days out together, three heart to heart conversations and two times ordering food in during a typical month.


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