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This will continue to be developed as we gather feedback.

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During December it was an privlege to be able to attend the BPS Pharmacology 2016.

We not only presented a poster describing the Guide to IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY, but were also given the opportunity to present this as a 2-miunute, one slide, flash poster presentation.

The build number is a number that is used throughout the product’s internal development and testing process for version control purposes.

This is different from the version number, which is a reference of the product as released by GFI for general availability. This Upgrades Center includes upgrade instructions for all supported versions of GFI Products, and also to some unsupported versions.

Version information is usually displayed in the product splash screen and within the General Settings or Configuration screens.

How is the build number different from the version number?

The About and Resources menu items have been modified to make them specific to Gto Immu Pdb.

The ultimate aim of these developments is to make navigation through Gto Immu Pdb user-friendly and logical.

Within the Upgrade Centre you will only need the version number. If you cannot find your version number, it is likely that GFI no longer supports upgrades from that version.


  1. We received an automated response stating a representative would answer our concern within two business days.

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