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Healwell’s mission is to improve the quality of life for people affected by acute, chronic, and terminal illness. Research (good, solid, well-designed, legit research) shows that massage in clinical settings significantly reduces pain and anxiety.

We accomplish this through hands-on therapies, education, and research. It means our team of 14 massage therapists provides skilled touch to pediatric and adult patients in 5 clinical programs (hospitals, infusion centers, skilled nursing facilities, etc.) all over the Washington, DC metro area. Anecdotally, we see massage positively affect patients’ sleep, decrease their nausea, and improve their overall feelings of wellbeing. At Children’s National Medical Center most of our patients were born in that hospital and will die in that hospital.

The sickle cell hemoglobin can cause the red blood cells to change shape, from the normal round shape into a crescent (or sickle) shape.

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We are hoping to raise $25K of that by June and I won’t lie, we are woefully far from our goal so far. Would I be happy if you made a small donation to our spring fundraiser? Would I love for you to become a sustaining donor with an automatic monthly donation? Would I be thrilled if you told me you just found $25K in the couch cushions and you’d really like to give it to Healwell?

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Our massage therapists and instructors are compensated. Everything Lauren, Lucille, and I do to direct, organize, manage, envision and execute Healwell’s important work we do for free.

I love what I do and I’m not afraid to work hard, but this model is unsustainable, and it makes it impossible for us to meet the rapidly growing demand for our direct service and education programs all over the country.

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This can be important for new caregivers of small children with the disease.

The feeling of helplessness from caring for a sick child or relative of any age can be reduced by becoming knowledgeable about the disease.

The goal of this chapter is to address some of these concerns.

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