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There was also a show a few seasons ago, "The Starlet," that appeared on the WB. Yes, Hollywood loves personalities, but unless I have a gun to my head, I would be hard-pressed to hire anyone who's appeared on "Laguna Beach" or "The Hills." I see them every week on my wife's trashy magazines, and every week I ask myself, "Who are these people? Deborah Barylski Deborah Barylski Casting, Los Angeles; 'The Middle,' 'The War at Home,' 'Arrested Development'There is no doubt that being on a reality show offers a kind of visibility that can be very, very helpful to an acting career. And by "ready," I mean you need to be trained and have enough experience to fully take advantage of the doors that could open for you.Michelynne Mc Guire was the winner, with Mercedes Connor as the runner-up. Michelynne appeared in one episode of "One Tree Hill" (her prize for winning on the show), then quickly disappeared. Otherwise, you will be hired only because of your notoriety, and as soon as you "cool off," you will no longer be of interest to producers.Geoff has already acted in many films and television series.

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In rare cases it may, in that someone could launch a product this way, if a product were aligned with their name and therefore they become the spokesperson.

But beyond that, unless you're such a specific personality that really fits into the mainstream of legit work that's going on, we don't know that you'd be taken all that seriously.

He got his first lead role on the show 7th Heaven where he portrayed Ben Kinkirk, a foreman also working with his brother in 2002. S and had small or supporting roles in Wedding Crashers, The Break-Up, The Express, and Life Happens among many.

He played the male lead in the female action comedy D. He is all set to appear in the upcoming film Unforgettable where he will play David Connover, an ex-husband of a character portrayed by Katherine Heigl.

The much talented and gifted actor is also equally handsome and good looking.

He has many fans and followers who want to know about his personal life.

The talks about the actor being gay are not proven or untrue. As per the Wiki, Geoff Stults currently aged 39 was born on 15th December 1977 Detroit, Michigan, U. He has an older brother George Stults who is also an actor.

He was born to the white parents and belongs to white/Austrian ethnicity.

The handsome actor has a perfect body shape and measurement.

He stands tall at the height of 6 feet and 2.5 inches.

Kendra Castleberry Donna Rosenstein Casting, Los Angeles; 'Castle,' 'Happy Town,' 'October Road'Reality shows have created a new wave of celebrities, but in my opinion these people are not actors.


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