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Always make sure to find out the name of the company and test that your doctor or lab is ordering for herpes blood tests, and make sure it is one of the tests on the “good” list and not one of the tests on the “bad” list.

Click here to see the list of recommended, highly accurate Herpes Blood Tests – Herpes Blood Test Guide from the American Association of Social Health (ASHA.org).

So unless you SPECIFICALLY ASK your doctor to give you a blood test for herpes, it is unlikely that you or your friends or partners have ever been tested.

So start asking specifically for a herpes blood test.

But medicine has made great strides, and since 1999, there are several NEW Ig G blood tests now available that DO very accurately distinguish between HSV-1 and HSV-2 and are 97-100% ACCURATE, if taken no earlier than 12-16 weeks after your possible exposure to the virus.

Since some doctors and clinics are still using the older, inaccurate blood tests.

However, this only works if the patient’s sore is fairly new or else the virus may no longer be active on the skin.

If you get a Herpes Lab Culture and it comes out negative, you may still have genital herpes.

Visit the Herpes Clinical Trials section of the HC message forum or perform a search there for current herpes studies, vaccine research and other clinical trials.

Type of research – “Inhibit virus – HSV” More information – Vironova’s antiviral approach Type of research – “Inhibit virus – HSV1 AND HSV2” More information – Study shows Peregrine’s bavituximab may help halt lethal viral infections Type of research – “Inhibit virus – HSV1” More information – Personal, Time Magazine Article, Dr. Type of research – “HSV2 Vaccine” A Phase 1 study commenced in February 2010 More information – Bio-Medicine article Type of research – “HSV2 Vaccine” More information – Personal, Knipe Lab, Herpes Vaccine Developed, Meet The Scientist Interview Type of research – “HSV2 Vaccine” More information – Herpes Vaccine, Bill Halford Awarded 0,000 grant, SIU Med School Receives NIH Grant to Study Herpes Vaccine Type of research – “HSV2 Vaccine” More information – Grant For HSV-2 Vaccine Program, Grant for HSV-2 Vaccine Program (PDF), Gen Vec and Partners Get NIAID Backing Type of research – “HSV1 Eye Vaccine” Webpage – Halting herpes eye disease, Discovery Eye article Type of research – “HSV2 Vaccine” More information – Company homepage, HSV Vaccine Type of research – “HSV Vaccine” More information – HSV Introduction, HSV Article Type of research – “HSV Vaccine” Webpages – Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Disease, LEAPS Technology Has Ability to Modify Immune Response Type of research – “HSV Vaccine” More information – Current Herpes Studies Type of research – “HSV2 Vaccine” More information – Secures licensing to extensive HSV antigen patent estate Type of research – “HSV2 Vaccine” More information – Herpes research grant for Biomedical Research Models Inc.

There are often new trials commencing in all areas of treatment and participants are always in high demand.


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