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Over 69 percent of the Golden Gopher roster is made up of underclassmen, and those same vermin are led by first year head coach P. But although he undoubtedly outpaces Iowa’s head man in spryness and original hair color, we can take solace in the fact that 62 year-old Kirk Ferentz is a tenured ‘professor’ of the coaching institution who doesn’t have to take any crap from some young whipper-snapper in Minneapolis. More good news is that Iowa has already made a habit of swatting down the ‘millennials’ of college football head coaches in 2017, sending both 37 year-old Matt Campbell of Iowa State and 38 year-old Seth Littrell of North Texas home with a big fat ‘L’ on their respective records.

But perhaps even more important are the material stakes surrounding this rivalry match-up.

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And Iowa (4-3, 1-3) is presented with just such a challenge this Saturday as it hosts Minnesota (4-3, 1-3) at PST on FS1.

That school in the state with all those lakes and stuff is littered with youth. At just 36 years old, Fleck is the youngest coach in the Big Ten and the 4 youngest in all of college football.

At 22 years old I’m decades from the age bracket that would qualify me for my own personal panic button.

No I’m not a spokesperson for those ridiculous Life Alert commercials.

If this changes in the future, we’ll let you know; apologies for any inconveniences this causes.

Check out the fun and excitement at this year’s game watches.

Saturday will mark the 83 meeting between the two schools with Floyd of Rosedale on the line (for those who don’t know, Floyd is a glorious 98 pound trophy of a pig that’s awarded to the Iowa-Minnesota winner each year).

In the spirit of said farm animal, and solely for the sake of this week’s game, I elected to run a scientific study in order to compare the level of affection Iowans and Minnesotans have for bacon.

For me, this game is about Brian Ferentz and does he bring a new attitude to the table.

When Banks, Clark and yes; Brian himself were the show, they destroyed inferior opponents at will.

We’re going to win it because our cantankerous, elderly bunch of Hawkeyes will hit harder, execute better, and coach smarter than any lousy group of juvenile gophers brazen enough to step foot in Kinnick Stadium (named after another old guy as it happens! Oh, and also, WE’RE NOT GIVING UP THAT BEAUTIFUL BRONZE PIG. Easily one of the most memorable Cy-Hawk battles of all time, Nate Stanley not only silenced Jack Trice Stadium; but every fan that doubted his abilities as a playmaker.


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