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There’s surprisingly little lag from the engine and a ton of midrange torque even when cruising along the highway in top gear.The six-speed manual gearbox is nimble and precise; it’s the type of gearbox you shift not because you have to but because the shifter is so enjoyable to row.Live video chat sessions with beautiful girls include female domination, dirty talk during masturbation, sensual instruction to help you get off, mature ladies with saggy tits and wrinkled pussies, Asian babes, and even shemale cam babes jerking off.

Or for Europhiles, it’s a decision between a Porsche 911 and a 718 Boxster S. But if you’re being honest—really, truly, hand-on-a-holy-book honest—you choose the Shelby.

You can’t choose both, but you get to beat on your selection as hard as you like on both a closed road and a racetrack. Such was the sacrifice we made when choosing the field for our 2016 Best Driver’s Car test.

Nail a rev-matched downshift, and the exhaust crackles like machine gun fire.

With all this grip and an engine that just won’t quit, why didn’t the Focus RS finish higher?

As much as I’d like to blame a West Coast conspiracy, the truth is the Focus RS rides worse than a dump truck.

Its steering lacks the purity and play of the rest of our group.The big takeaway: These are some very serious driver’s cars, and all of them would have handily held their own at Best Driver’s Car.There might be a winner, but it was far from clear-cut.It’s not a real driver’s car, but the Focus RS is a tremendous performance car and an easy choice for those where weather is a real concern. But despite what Christian says, the shifter is notchy—not in a good way—and the clutch is vague and grabby at the same time.The last time I endured a suspension this harsh in so many environments was a Porsche 996 GT3 RS, but that was forgivable because #racecar. The midcorner grip and the way it can put power down out of corners is super impressive.In the softer settings, the RS’ constant vertical upheavals dominate the driving experience so much that it’s hard to focus on what’s good in the RS. Yet at the same time, I never quite knew where I was in the friction circle.

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