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My mother mentally shut down and was barely able to survive it all. My Grandfather who was on end stage cancer treatment was hospitalized by the news. I became suicidal and lost mentally at what was happening as the gravity of the situation became clear.The Feds/media treated me as if I was a horrible monster and I struggled with that for years.”"In Louisiana the registration prohibits living within so many feet of a park or going to them.

Rehabilitation is a personal choice.”William: “Sex Offender Registration Notification Act is no good, it has absolutly no affect what so ever on recidivism, it does how ever work remarkably well on destroying a person’s life in all aspects.

I mean, you lose most if not all the friends you had, you lose your job in most cases, then you lose your house due to either loss of employment and or living restrictions.”Russell Guillory: “The most irrational part of the sentencing based on the laws is that the sentences for ‘non-contact offenses’ are more than not longer than the sentences of the contact offense they say a person will do.

She told me she had lied about her age and that she was 16.

How is it fair for someone to be locked up for believing someone was 19 when she lied about her age, not to mention rules for the dating part of the sight was supposed to be for 18 and up only.”Jay Glenewinkel: “The term ‘sex offender’ is thrown around so casually these days that it has become difficult to understand its true definition.

So you investigate, and when you do, it has a way of pulling you in, then before you know it, you have looked at hundreds of images of little kids doing things that little kids should know nothing about let alone be involved in.”Russell Guillory, convicted of possessing child pornography, serving a 10-year sentence at Beaumont Federal Correctional Institution in Texas: "As my marriage started falling apart, so did my job. So I looked online and started chatting with people. I looked it up.”Jesse Ward, convicted of transporting child pornography, serving a 20-year sentence at the Oakdale Federal Correctional Institution in Louisiana:“I went back to it for multiple reasons, one was because of the Taboo nature of the images themselves.

I’m not sure how the topic came up but it was mentioned as a way to escape. There was a ‘rush’ of being involved in that world knowing I shouldn’t. Part of it was the sexual excitement from the images themselves, part of it was ease of access.”Brian Musomba, a Kenyan extradited to the United States after being convicted on a count of child exploitation enterprise, serving a life term at the Pollock Federal Correctional Institution in Louisiana: “There is no way the Kenyan authorities would have allowed me to come to the USA to eat meatloaf, chicken, mincemeat and other luxurious foods (compared to prison food in Kenya) if they had any credible sex offense evidence against me.

That seems straightforward, but when you look closer, campgrounds and public waterways are classified as parks.

So I can’t legally go camping or fishing unless it’s private property.

Did we, as sex offenders, do so wrong that we deserve to be placed in public shame for the rest of our lives, as Hitler tried to do with the Jews in the 1930s and 40s?

Do you feel it is acceptable to jeapordize the safety and well being of my entire family, including my own children.

Also Louisiana’s registration restricts its registered citizens from working in an industry that requires them to go on to a person’s property to provide a service. Before this I was a licensed plumber, and a good one. Now I will be limited to commercial jobs only that don’t fall into any other restriction.”From an inmate whose name was indecipherable, serving time at the Beaumont Federal Correctional Institution in Texas: “My crime took place over the Internet, on Facebook, and involved nude pictures of a 17-year-old and her 13-year-old friend.


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