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Today, over 4,000 ka-mon serve to trace family lineage back hundreds of years.The butterfly pattern was a favorite among Japanese nobility.

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The elegance of the insect is undeniable: its gentle grace is in stark contrast to the bloodletting reached during the peak of Japanese feudalism.

The contrast between the brutality of war and the docile butterfly serve to remind us of the duality of the samurai.

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In ancient Greece, stone artists such as Phidias, Callicrates and Myrmecides enjoyed the technical challenge of creating tiny insects in sculpture.

Monks in the Middle Ages faithfully copied documents and adorned them with naturalistic figures of plants and insects.The family crest in Japan is called means “crest” or “emblem.” Ka-mons date back to the 11th century, when warring families struggled for control of feudal lands.They were used on banners, flags, weapons, and hanging screens to identify camps and headquarters.Insects also appeared as heraldic symbols on clothing and armor in medieval Europe.But it was in medieval Japan where the depiction of insects on family crests reached an artistic height in simplicity, balance, and aesthetic quality.Ka-mons became part of the general attire of a noble family.


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