Improv dating game character ideas

Examples of sentences could be Why are we stuck here? One statement and one question are given to two players, and they can ONLY use these catch phrases during the scene.

They are allowed to change the inflection and punctuation, but they cant change the order of the words.

After a few players step up, the host gives a new suggestion.

Two players stand on either side of the host, who is sitting in a chair on stage. In this game, the host is a young child with one question on their mind, why?

At the end, player one tries to guess all of the identities of the bachelors/bachelorette.

Bring Your Own Improv invites audience volunteers to play along, if they wish.

Players form a line on stage and the host gets occupations, locations, objects, etc. Players step up one at a time and deliver one liners and punchlines about the suggestion and return to their spot in the line when they are done.

If the suggestion was waiter, the format would be A waiter walks into a bar and spills all of his drinks.This continues until one of the parents freezes, says a response that is too advanced for a child, or cant think of anything and yells Because I said so!The parent that does any of these things is eliminated and is replaced by one of the players waiting off stage.The third player has to try and have a normal scene and can say whatever they want.This game is similar to Revolver, but with five players.From time to time, the host calls out a new suggestion.

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