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on January 22, 2015 in New York City." srcset=" Attorney, Southern District Not since Rudolph Giuliani has a federal prosecutor from the Southern District attracted so much buzz about running for higher office. Bharara, who seems to have successfully indicted just about every single pol in Albany, has drawn fawning press and was on a remarkable winning streak until an appeals court overturned some of his insider trading convictions. Silver, along with his continuing investigation into Gov.

de Blasio is still proving himself to skeptics who fear crime could skyrocket at any moment—making the man in charge of keeping that from happening all the more important. Bill Bratton The face of the kinder, gentler, but still-keeping-you-safe NYPD, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton gives Mr.

de Blasio the credibility he needs when it comes to protecting the city from terrorists and turnstile jumpers.

Buery will be tasked with the execution of it—no easy task considering the difficulty of securing enough space, in the right neighborhoods, to attract parents. Buery will also oversee the community school initiative, one of the central tenets of Mr. He’ll fill the role of Peter Ragone, who had a relentless focus on the long game and shaping the mayor’s legacy, but will bring the experience of running bumpy day-to-day press operations. Since then, her visible role in the administration has shrunk. Gresham was given a front row seat at his inauguration. Cuomo—ensuring the needs of health care workers won’t be ignored any time soon. And the state legislature is still considering raising the cap on non-union charter schools.

He’ll also be tasked with helping to find a replacement to lead the press office, which has undergone multiple shake-ups following his departure and remains without a press secretary. Robert Linn and Dean Fuleihan Budget Director and Director of Labor Relations They are the numbers dream team, the bespectacled men in suits on hand every time the mayor is getting into detail about the city’s cash. Fuleihan is the man responsible for laying out the city budget—balancing the mayor’s feel-good promises of progressive visions and honesty with hard numbers, plans for agency budget reductions, and tough-to-anticipate city revenue. Linn, meanwhile, has managed to settle the vast majority of the city’s outstanding labor contracts with relatively conservative deals funded by health care savings. While she once routinely attended press conferences and weighed in on appointments, Ms. As the leader of the largest union in the state, Mr. Nonetheless, he helms a labor organization of some 200,000 members, and possesses close ties to City Hall and to much of the city’s Assembly and State Senate delegation. Cardinal Timothy Dolan Archbishop of the Archdiocese of New York The charismatic Catholic leader from St.

Silver and now works under the city’s budget director, Dean Fuleihan. Buery, who is overseeing the roll-out of another signature de Blasio plan, universal pre-kindergarten, has one September under his belt, but another one fast approaching. Weisbrod’s rezonings will play a key role in paving the way for highly visible new units, Ms. Eva Moskowitz Founder, Success Academy Charter Schools The shrewdest and loudest opponent Mr. After shepherding pre-K through Albany last year, she’ll have rent laws on her plate for what is likely to be a busy post-budget session. Walzak has often joked about his “bromance” with Mr. Michael Mulgrew President, United Teachers Federation The fiery UFT president suffered a bruising blow from Mr.

His relationship with the mayor is raising eyebrows and questions among some advocates about the largely unregulated interactions between consultants and government. Next school year will be the first to offer full-day pre-K to every city 3-year-old, and Mr. Carl Weisbrod and Vicki Been Planning Commissioner and Housing Preservation and Development Commissioner The man who cleaned up Times Square is now one of the chief architects of Mr. A veteran of numerous mayoral administrations and a rare independent voice in Mr. Weisbrod was unafraid to admit that a solution to the city’s affordable housing crisis may be encouraging more housing construction beyond the five boroughs—and therefore enticing the increasing number of people who work in the city to live elsewhere. Been, meanwhile, leads the Department of Housing Preservation and Development—the agency responsible for actually rolling out and administering Mr. Been’s HPD will be the agency financing the construction and preservation of the city’s affordable units to help Mr. She is one of the longest-tenured members of the mayor’s inner circle, dating back to his days as public advocate. de Blasio—they took a road trip to Pittsburgh for a ballgame together—and the former press secretary is moving even deeper into the mayor’s inner circle with a promotion to senior advisor. Cuomo in the latest state budget deal, which gave the state education department and Board of Regents power to create new teacher evaluations that are expected to emphasize standardized tests and make it easier to dismiss teachers.

) Scorsese’s involvement has given some hope in the project.

— not exactly being the most loved films of the last few years.

A vice president of government relations at Con Edison and, before that, a high-ranking City Council staffer, Mr. How he’ll compare to his predecessor, the notoriously combative Howard Glaser, is still emerging, as is whether he’ll be the point-person for local officials who want sway with Mr. Cuomo’s education reform agenda, authoring a long and public letter to the state’s Board of Regents and liaising with various interests in Albany as all sides gear up for a post-budget fight over the specifics of teacher evaluations. Rob Speyer President, Co-CEO, Tishman Speyer; Chairperson, REBNY Six years ago, the scion of a powerful real estate dynasty and former reporter for the watched in despair as billions of dollars his company sank into the Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village developments evaporated after he joined his father as Tishman Speyer’s co-CEO. Kasirer is known as both an effective advocate-for-hire for real estate interests and as a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential effort, former Comptroller William Thompson’s 2009 mayoral campaign and Mr. The prelate rode to the mayor’s defense during his conflict with the NYPD unions, even though the move drew fire from the fiercest cop supporters. As long as New York’s real estate market is hot and tourists want to stay in the city’s ever-growing number of hotels, Mr. Figueroa has become a leader on other issues, like immigration reform. James Capalino Founder, Capalino & Company The government relations and lobbying firm is quietly one of the highest grossing in the city. Ratner recently saw the mayor install one of his company’s vice presidents on the Rent Guidelines Board—which controls price increases on the city’s roughly 1 million stabilized apartments. But a series of scandals forced her from the post, a City Hall roundtable where Mr. Bratton were given equal time backfired, and polls consistently showed Mr. It’s no longer apparent the mayor is readily associating himself with the Harlem power broker—though Mr.


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