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Our Middle East and North Africa round-up spotlights Bahrain's first military trial of civilians since 2011, a growing crackdown on members of Egypt's LGBTQI community, and a new player restricting Iranians’ internet access.

The European football union began with 25 members; that number doubled by the early 1990s.

Until 1959 the main headquarters were located in Paris, and later in Bern.

These include Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales, (Countries of the United Kingdom), Gibraltar (British Overseas Territory), the Faroe Islands (autonomous country within Denmark), and Kosovo (disputed territory and partially recognised state), however in the context of these countries government functions concerning sport tend to be carried at the territorial level coterminous with the UEFA member entity.

Some UEFA members are transcontinental states (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Russia).

Some states (Monaco and Vatican City) are not members.

Some UEFA members are not sovereign states, but form part of a larger recognized sovereign state in the context of international law.Countries which had been members of the Asian Football Confederation were also admitted to the European football association, particularly Israel and Kazakhstan.Additionally some UEFA member associations allow teams from outside their association's main territory to take part in their "domestic" competition.AS Monaco, for example, takes part in the French League (though a separate sovereign entity); Welsh clubs Cardiff City and Swansea City participate in the English League; Berwick Rangers, situated in England, play in the Scottish Professional Football League and Derry City, situated in Northern Ireland, play in the Republic of Ireland-based League of Ireland.UEFA runs official international competitions in Europe and some countries of Northern, Southwestern and Central Asia for national teams and professional clubs, known as UEFA competitions, some of which are regarded as the world's most prestigious tournaments.In women's football UEFA also conducts the UEFA Women's Champions League for club teams.

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