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Gendelman is an author of e-books and a creator of apps for children.

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Internet dating comedy

Behold, Internet, because these are the 100 funniest moments in Facebook history.

In this massive photo gallery, you will find epic Facebook fails, Facebook status updates gone horribly wrong, and people with no understanding of how Facebook works.

Patrice Gendelman Create Space (Nov 2, 2013) Softcover $10.99 (86pp) 978-1-4927-2726-2 Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5 This compilation is a fun, honest, and playful look at the initial online dating email that many will relate to.

A playful look at the world of online dating, will create delight for The Good, laughter and head-shaking for The Bad, and shock for The Ugly.

This title contains an assortment of actual emails author Patrice Gendelman and eleven other contributors received as their initial contact with individuals on various dating sites.

After a brief introduction from the author, the book is broken into three sections.“The Ugly” is just that—ugly, lewd, or just plain wrong.The end of the book includes tips on how to properly make initial contact with a prospective date.Oh, I thought there were pretty funny moments in this book....this book was meant to be funny, but for me it was a book of horror.Okay, Brian goes on a bunch of Internet dates (I think it was 100) for a duel purpose.We'd like to take this opportunity to give a special shout out to our internet homie Mark "Zucky Dog" As the East Coast prepares for yet another brutal winter, we thought we'd do our part to help keep up the spirits of people who have to live in areas where it actually snows.


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