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I suspect your question may be referring to the social acceptance of black and white unions and there I can only give anecdotal evidence from personal experience.

(My own children are multiracial: African-American-Irish-Canadian.) In large western and northern American cities, the cultural acceptance of interracial dating feels about the same as Canada.

The vast majority of those marriages are with one Asian partner.

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The beauty of interracial dating, and indeed relationships in general, is that you can learn from one another and grow as individuals as well as a pair.

Celebrate your differences and find out about each other’s childhoods; and if it goes really well you can start discussing how you’ll honor both of your backgrounds when raising a family.

If you’re looking for an interracial dating site, Elite Singles is here to assist you in finding that special someone who you really connect with.

We understand that with modern day busy lives, it can be difficult to meet someone who shares your interests, background and goals.

At Elite Singles we take your online safety very seriously and go to great lengths to protect your personal information.

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Of course, you can always search through additional profiles using our handy 'Have you met...' feature.

Every profile is manually checked and verified to gurantee that everyone on our platform is as serious about the search for love as you. If there were previously stereotypes, preconceptions or presumptions about interracial dating, such attitudes have lightened and evidently more and more American singles are seeking partners from other races.

That’s why we’ve designed our smart profiling system to help make your online dating experience much smoother.


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