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The seer who was with the Greeks at the siege Troy; he was the son of Thestor and was given the gift of divination by Apollon.When the Argive fleet was about to sail for Troy from the island of Aulis, Boreas (North Wind) would not let the ships leave the harbor; the seer, Kalkhas, said that unless Agamemnon sacrificed his daughter, Iphianassa, to the goddess Artemis, the fleet would not be allowed to leave Aulis.While Kambyses was occupied with the subjugation of Egypt, he had a dream that implied that his brother, Smerdis, was going to usurp the throne of Persia in his absence; he sent an assassin back to Persia and had Smerdis secretly murdered (this covert act would nearly cause the downfall of the Persian Empire).

Hesiod says that she and Odysseus had two sons: Nausithoos and Nausinoos; later myths say that she and Odysseus had a son, Auson; her name might be translated as She Who Conceals.

For more information on Kalypso I suggest that you consult the Immortals section of this site.

With his wife, Harmonia, Kadmus had five children: Autonoe, Ino, Agaue, Polydorus and Semele.

When Zeus abducted Europa, Agenor sent Kadmus to retrieve her; Kadmus could find no trace of his sister, Europa, and finally, at the advice of the oracle at Delphi, gave up the search and set off to found a new city; the pythia at Delphi instructed Kadmus to follow a cow from Delphi and build his city on the spot where the cow laid down to rest; Kadmus did as he was instructed and built the Kadmea (Cadmea) as the first structure of the city that was to become Thebes.

The second king of the Persian Empire; the son of Kyrus (Cyrus) the Great and Kassandane (Cassandane); he ruled the Persian Empire from 529-522 BCE (seven years and five months).

According to the historian Herodotus, Kambyses was so harsh and arrogant that the Persians called him The Master, whereas Kyrus was known as The Father and Kambyses’ successor, Darius, was known as The Huckster; he ruled the empire with callous contempt for his subjects and his family.

The sea nymph who detained Odysseus on the island of Ogygia.

Kalypso is the daughter of the Atlas; she was finally ordered by Zeus to allow Odysseus to leave the island and return to his home on Ithaka (Ithaca).

Contrary to Persian tradition, Kambyses married two of his sisters and murdered one of them; Kambyses’ madness progressed as he stayed in Egypt and when he finally decided to return to Persia he was hated and feared by the Egyptians, the Persians and his closest advisors; Kambyses had inherited the captured Lydian king, Kroesus (Croesus), from his father and, while in Egypt, Kroesus was forced to flee for his life because he dared to contradict Kambyses and offer criticism for the mad deeds that Kambyses inflicted on all those around him.


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