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It will show you the recipients of the message with the word Details to view all of them. First off, ask all the kids to delete the group message.

To do this, click Edit near the top of the Messages app.

If only one person keeps it going it will come back for everyone.

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For those devices that can updgrade to i OS 7, this is a welcome change!

Learn about this new feature here.]Here’s the Reply to All scenario at work: to delete the message.

So, if you are in a group message, you can block a user and you will not see their replies in the group message.

Learn about this new feature here.] Here’s the Reply to All scenario at work: to delete the message.

The key here is that they don’t abuse it with never-ending messages on a constant basis.

Keeping in mind that i OS and i Message were not necessarily designed for children, group messages can be useful for adults too.This would be a good way to stay focused on bedtime or homework, if the others haven’t deleted the group message. Or, another great idea for kids is to schedule Do Not Disturb for set times. Turn off i Message for a while (Settings – Messages – Off) 5.For example I don’t want my daughter sidetracked during bedtime so her i Pod automatically goes on “quiet time” at 9pm each night. If you can upgrade to i OS 7 (i Pad 2 or newer, i Pod 5th generation, i Phone 4 or newer) you can block users from sending you a message.If the group message includes kids who all know each other, like each other, and can be respectful, it can be a useful way to communicate.I’ve seen my daughter and a few friends use a group message to ask about homework assignments, or plan for an upcoming activity, or just have some fun chatting.These are sent over Wi-Fi, therefore you don’t need an i Phone – anyone with an i Pod touch or i Pad has i Message available. Think of a group i Message as the equivalent of the dreaded “Reply to All” e-mail in a work setting.[9/22/2013 Update: With newly released i OS 7, you can block a user from sending you a message.

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