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I can honestly say that I used to hate Irv and everyone affiliated with him because I was so angry, bitter and hurt, but once I learned to forgive and was saved, everything started to fall into place.

I'm back in school now and I'm just loving where I am in my life, spiritually and otherwise. COM: As a mom of a teenage daughter, did she also inspire you to make a change to set a better example for her? I talk to her every day because she's old enough to understand what's going on.

See, these guys are beefing but it can only turn into worse ratings for their respective show. BOTH THAT AND THE SHOW BEFORE IT COMBINED TO BE THE WORST PREMIERES FOR BET ALL YEAR.

However, to hear Irv tell it, he’s the winner since Fif is giving him all this publicity. WITH RATINGS SO LOW AND RESPONSES FROM THE LIL PEOPLE WHO WATCHED SAYING ITS fu*k ING HORRIBLE.

But look at how hard Irv went at 50 at the urging of Ja Rule! The whore been saying he is gonna get Tales off BET. So let me let y’all know what the Whore did this week with his new bullsh*t series 50 Central.

You know I was speaking to my brother @ruleyorkcity and we was talking about things.

Regarding me dating, I have before but it never felt right so I don't.

I know I wouldn't want to date someone who is "separated' because I'd always think that there's a chance they could get back together and I feel like it's a sin.

She became even more known via a series of videos twerking her sizeable booty and in a nod to her shape, Martelle shouted out Kanye West’s “And up top, uhh, two bee stings” lyric from Jay Z’s “Run This Town” hit via a caption to one of her photos.

Although now in a committed relationship with Gotti, that hasn’t slowed down Martelle from flooding the streets with her lovely looks via her Instagram page which now boasts just over 1 million followers.

As she gears up for the premiere of "Gotti's Way 2," caught up with the mother of three to discuss her eye-opener, setting boundaries and why she no longer loves her husband. COM: Last season's finale was pretty ambiguous and left viewers wondering about your future with Irv. DEB LORENZO: You're going to see more of me breaking the cycle and speaking up for myself. What is the first promise you made to yourself in your journey toward change? I've never set boundaries and just allowed whatever to go on.

Last season I was extremely quiet and just accepting of the way things were. I was like, When you're in a situation you don't see what the world see; it's like my eyes were wide shut but not anymore. Even now, I've cut out him staying with me and the kids on the weekends.

It makes me feel like I'm the bad guy and I'm somehow disturbing the times we do share. LORENZO: Well, I've dealt with so much in all the years I've been with Irv, from the cheating and everything else that I promised myself I'll never do it again.


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