Is candace parker dating shelden williams

Fans of David and Victoria Beckham couldn’t be more different.

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Those that know me will tell you I’m a tad bit ambitious.

I walked at eight months, rode a bike with no training wheels at three and dunked a basketball at 14 years old (1 year, 2 months and 13 days before my brothers did).

As a professional basketball player many people asked me, “So how are you going to manage this?

” Rewinding back, my husband Shelden and I began dating when I was in college at the University of Tennessee and he was in his last year at Duke.

I vowed from the start that I would have both a successful family and career.

So many times I hear of women quitting their jobs as a result of their families.

” CANDACE PARKER is entering her fifth year playing for the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks, where she holds the distinction of being Most Valuable Player and Rookie of the Year of 2008, her first year playing professional basketball.

She also is the second woman ever to dunk in a WNBA game and the first in her league’s history to dunk over multiple games. Check out her thoughts on basketball and motherhood at follow her on Twitter at @Candace_Parker. Women’s Professional Soccer Shuts Down—and Female Athletes, Young and Old, Are Heartbroken 2. New On the Parenting Post: What Tough Girls Are Made Of 4.

We connected immediately, and although several hundred miles separated us, we vowed to never let that affect our relationship.

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