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Captain America: Civil War Cast having an Amazing Time On Set! Chris was a dork and Scarlett was a sass as always.

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Somehow she felt jealous but tried to hide it with dating the hottest Man in their University, Ryan Reynolds.

Unfortunately, Scarlett's love life never been so easy.

And she’s never been single since they started working together as Avengers. I mean, I’m into it because it would for sure bug Jeremy Renner’s ass but at the same time I don’t think I’m into it because it would also bug Jenny Slate’s ass. Sarah wrote yesterday about their “busy schedules” as a reason for Jenny and Chris breaking up and called out the fact that “busy schedules” didn’t seem to be an issue when she was the one with a busy schedule.

Then there’s this email that came in earlier this week from a reader called K: A dear friend and I have been wondering when we might see speculation about Jenny Slate and Chris Evans possibly having broken up.

The reason for our wondering is that we attended Jenny's comedy show "Big Terrific" in LA over the weekend of January 13th and, much to our sadness, Jenny did not perform any stand up since she'd had, in her words, a "real sh-t-kicker of a week." She was visibly not herself throughout the evening and ended up reading selections from her self-published book that she wrote with her father (which was quite good) in lieu of comedy.

She got particularly emotional, we noticed, when reading a section about her love life as imagined when she's an older woman looking back on her life.But, she ruined her chance when she found out that she was pregnant. You lived in the same apartment building and spent your afternoons racing up the stairs and sliding down the banisters.You counted every step on in the building and snuck to the roof to look down on the city.Now you really thought you'd never see him again but a reunion might be in the works. Scarlett returns home after a long day of interviews to her two favorite people... Based on Scarlett's interview with Stephen Colbert where Chris was mentioned.*Also, a quick Romanogers discussion! Scarlett was getting a divorce from her husband of two years, Romain Dauriac.You run into his mother in a one in a million chance in NYC and she puts together a meeting. Chris broke up with Jenny Slate who he was dating for nine months.He moved away when you were 8, the revolution was getting bad and you thought you'd never see him again.

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