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I love the way this style gets a touch longer at the ends and the hairs are slightly sparse so the natural lashes can mix in seamlessly.

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Men are falling over each other to get to Mackenzie."Mackenzie: "I wish I had a crush on someone. When you see their name pop up, it's an extraordinary feeling.

I really want that."Glamour: There's a scene where Jason (Zac Efron) shows up in an inappropriate outfit at Ellie's birthday party thanks to a bit of miscommunication. Imogen: "The most important thing is just say what you need to say.

' I tend to not go on defined dates—like first date, or second date—it just ends up where either I'm in [a relationship] or not.

I don't have a lot of suitors."__Glamour: Should you ever ask a guy you're dating "What have you told your friends about us? If I'm sleeping with somebody, I would definitely bring it up. If they are hiding me that feels very odd to me."Imogen: "A relationship is about sharing things, so yes, I want his friends to know."Glamour: Your characters are almost the perfect girls in the sense that they know how to play the part of the interested, but not needy, girlfriend.

I then blended with a spoolie to feather and soften so that it was undetectable where her brow ends and the theatrics begin. I wanted to give Jessica a smoky eye with an outward, structured sweep.

I really wanted to do an uncommon color but nothing that looked out of place with her standout dress.

I opted for plums on the eyes mainly because I really wanted to do a berry/violet lip. I used the darkest shadow shade with a wet brush on the outer corners to give a crisp line that, once dried, I could blend and soften with a pointed brush.

The lightest shade has a touch of shimmer so it worked great to highlight her brow bone. I like the tiny brush — it makes extending the liner easier to build on.

There's an element of, "I like you, but I'm willing to let you go if I'm not getting what I deserve." Is that the key?

Mackenzie: "As soon as you start doing manipulative, tactical things with people, then you're going to go crazy.

Anytime I do very ornate eye makeup, I make sure the brows can hold their own against the vividness.

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