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By 1782, the War, for all practical purposes, had dwindled to an end and notorious Tory Colonel Edmund Fanning, who had terrorized central North Carolina for a number of months, wanted the state to grant him a pardon.

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It is doubtful that James Williams would have vouched for the character of Fanning as he had been one of Fanning's unwilling victims in the Colonel's famous capture of Pittsboro on 16 July, 1781.

"Colonel" William Alston and Chatham County lawyer James Williams were destined to deliver the letter of request to Brigider General Butler who lived near Hillsborough, probably to the plantation of the same Colonel John Butler "a few miles distant from Hillsborough", as referenced in Rnakin's The NOrth Carolina Continentals.

Jordan launched into stardom after his breathtaking performance in “Fruitvale Station”, the purportedly true story of Oscar Grant III, a 22-year-old Bay Area resident who was shot and killed by police in 2008. His newest film, , was the center of an interview in GLAMOUR magazine with his co-stars Zac Efron and Miles Teller.

The interview focused on the actors’ opinions on the many aspects of intimate relationships.

Alston officially remained in his position until May of 1776. Colonel under Colonel Jethro Sumner, Third North Carolina Regiment."[Internet message; Colonel William Alston was County Clerk of Chatham Co., from May 1774-Aug 1776. This, however, appears not to be the case as he is referred to on deeds both in Chatham county and in his home county of Granville as "William Alston of Halifax county". Lockhard, Major Comr."[In the Roster of Soldiers from North Carolina in the American Revolution, 1932] Raleigh, December 15th, 1790.

William Alston: "Old Colonel John Alston's sons and grandsons made their mark in the American Revolution, rising to Lt. His son, William, omitted the 'Reign of the King' in dating the Court Minutes of Chatham County where he was Clerk.(He had followed William Hooper, 'the Signer' and Joel Lane in this position.)This act of defiance occurred more than seven months prior to the Declaration, thus patriotically removing Chatham County from British control. Jethro Sumner, 3rd Reg., Continental Lines, which formed at Halifax, NC) who d. It has been written that William Alston was the first resident Chatham County Clerk of Court.Catch the full interview in the latest issue of GLAMOUR.Sarah, You didn't give me much info as far as how you descend from John Alston other than through his son, Joseph John, and HIS son, Willis, so I am giving you what I have on them. Mary Ann could not have been more than two years of age, and probably less, but she received three Negroes-Esther and her child Winney, as well as a mulatto girl who nursed her, named Nanny.Alston named his half-brother, Joseph John Alston, Jr., known as "Chatham Jack" who reportedly owned 40,000 acres of land in that county, and his soon to be illustrious nephew, Harvard educated "Congress Willis" Alston, as executors.Ann Hunt Alston was to use the proceeds from the Samuel Yeargin plantation on the Roanoke River in Warren County which had been left to his daughter Ann, wife of William Alston, to provide upkeep and an education for his daughters. A Halifax deed dated February Court, 1773, mentioned land adjoining William Alston's Bear Swamp property. Alston, and Oroondates Davis Alston are the only sons of the within mentioned William Alston". Bradley, Captain.(The same Gee Bradley who was with Alston in the 3rd Regiment.)"I do hereby certify that William Alston dec'd late of Chatham County, was Lieutenant Coln. He was appointed in March or April in the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy-six. I saw him commanding to the Northward in the year 1778.


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