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Bill Fox was also a huge influence on this character, and Neutral Milk Hotel — just those records that don't have a studio sheen, but have an intimacy and an idiosyncrasy. Lewis: No, and there were a couple songs where I was like, shit, I'm about to record a new record, I wish I hadn't given that song away.

You are working on a new album, did this project push you forward at all, being on a bit of a sabbatical? I'm superstitious, until I start mixing, I feel like when I start it then I will be able to actually speak of it.

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That first song, "Little Yellow Dress," I think got us the job, and then it was like one down seven to go.

And how did you conceive of differently than last year's , where you performed the songs on the soundtrack?

And I understand you are looking to release it this year? I just had this song on that my friend [Vampire Weekend's Rostam Batmangli] wrote the music for, and he sent me a track to write over and I did. It depends on how the rest of the songs turn out, and see if it fits.

He wrote the music, and I wrote the melody, and the top line as it were, and I just learned what a top line was, and the music, and we spent a day with his friend Ariel at his studio in the Valley.

But the two are longtime friends, having been spotted together a number of other times recently, including the Grateful Dead's Fare Thee Well shows, playing golf and participating in the Poets House annual walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Murray even called our Lewis at his San Diego Comic-Con appearance in July.

Rice: So there is a possibility for it not to just be a conventional sound track but for it to be a found album of sorts.

So you might release a more studio style album for this fictional character.

The thing that excited us is we could tell the back-stories of the characters the stuff that wasn't in the pages of the script.


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