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A bright music star whose abundant talent was inherited from her parents, Jo Jo is the daughter of blues singer Joel Levesque and a church soloist named Diana born on December 20, 1990 in Vermont, USA with the name Joanna Noelle Levesque.

Spending her early life in Foxborough, Massachusetts then New Jersey, she has nurtured her singing knack at such a young age of 2, at first imitating the tunes her mother often hummed before infusing her own spin on everything from nursery rhymes to pop tunes as she grew up.

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Joanna Levesque frequently fantasizes about love and often falls in love with someone she can only love from afar.

She may avoid making a definite personal commitment.

She is excitable, spontaneous, and easily aroused emotionally and sexually.

Joanna "Jo Jo" Levesque falls in love very quickly and has little self-restraint or concern for propriety when her feelings have been stirred.

Jo Jo wants to contribute something positive and loving to the world at large and she wants to be recognized for her beauty, artistic gifts, or loving generosity.

Joanna "Jo Jo" Levesque may "marry" her work - that is, being more involved in her career than in her private life. Her tastes and natural inclinations run toward the extravagant and luxurious.

Certainly, Joanna Levesque's sympathy and concern extends much beyond her immediate family.

In her personal relationships, Joanna "Jo Jo" Levesque insists upon a certain amount of independence and the freedom to pursue friendships with as many people, of both sexes, as she chooses.

However, it may be difficult for Jo Jo to sustain relationships after the first rush of excitement wanes, especially if Joanna Levesque's partner is basically a conservative person who does not like to change or experiment.

Nontraditional relationships appeal to Joanna "Jo Jo" Levesque, and personal freedom is or paramount importance to her.

It is almost as if she could turn her feelings on and off at will; Jo Jo should be careful not to leave the switch "off" too often, for she could easily become too impersonal.


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